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Benefits of Chapter Membership

Membership in the Southeast Texas Association of Public Purchasing will help enhance your purchasing skills, keep you abreast of critical issues affecting public purchasing, open doors to new industry contacts, and elevate your importance within your organization. Being active in the chapter strengthens your professional expertise and lays the groundwork for career advancement.


Membership is open to individuals involved in the administration or management of public purchasing or materials management functions. Our membership year runs January through December. New and renewal memberships may be processed by clicking the Join Online or Renew Online links next to the applicable fees.

Membership is available to public and private sector risk management professionals, and to entities serving the risk management area (e.g., insurance firms, service businesses, educational institutions, students, etc.)

See below for detailed descriptions of available membership levels.

New memberships may be processed by clicking Join Online..

Questions about membership? Contact us. - we'll be glad to help.




Membership in the chapter shall be open to all public institution procurement and materials management professionals in federal, state, county, municipal and township activities, public school systems, colleges, universities, hospitals, commissions, authorities or any other political subdivisions of the state: full time employees of NIGP member agencies provided they spend the majority of their time involved in purchasing or materials management functions; persons with full time employment in positions having direct influence of the public procurement process, such as elected officials, department head, and educators.

Special pricing on Regular Membership of $30 per member when registering 10 or more members simultaneously.

Persons eligible for regular membership but who by reason of transfer, geography, work conflict, etc. are not reasonably able to attend meetings, etc. shall be eligible for associate membership which may be conferred by simple majority vote of the regular members. Associate Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Full-time college students (12 or more semester hours) shall be eligible for student membership. Student Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Retired membership may be conferred upon members of this chapter upon their retirement from the pursuit of their livelihood through active employment, and upon written request for such membership. Retired Members shall be entitled to vote and hold office and shall be exempt from payment of dues.

Honorary membership may be conferred by unanimous vote of the members upon individuals who have made distinguished contributions to the purchasing profession, or this chapter. Honorary Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office and shall be exempt from payment of dues. 

Membership Fee


$40 per person for individual and agencies under 10 members
$30 per person for agencies with 10+ members.



Dues Period

January - December


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